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1) OV
CI 2,3,4) KFs
5) P(i) + P(ii)

  Firstly, extract the TITLE from the question and underline it.
  The OverView (OV) - What does the stimuli present? Answer: a bar graph, diagram, pie chart, pictograph, newspaper headline or article, some notes etc.
  Identify Key Features (KFs)
*        The MOST OUTSTANDING ideas from the stimuli
*        Controlling Idea (CI) - What is the general trend of all the stimuli combined? Answer: Increasing, Decreasing, Consistent or Fluctuating (NOTE: These are the FOUR main trends)
*        You ARE NOT just LISTING ALL FEATURES and information from the stimuli but you have to choose the MOST IMPORTANT AND OUTSTANDING details, you must be SELECTIVE of which details to include.
*        Extrenal ASSUMPTION may be used if there is no correlation between the pie, graph and the table.
*        You can begin each paragraph with phrases like:
i) According to the...
ii) Based on the...
iii) With reference to...
  For the closing, it consists of minimum two sentences:
*        Prediction (Pi) - What future trend can you predict? Answer: If x happens, then y will continue to increase, decrease, stabilise or fluctuate
*        Proposal (Pii) - What recommendation can you propose? Answer: The government/company/United Nations can...
*P(ii) is not compulsory but it will differentiate the higher bands from the lower ones 

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