Tuesday, February 8

1, 2, 3,... ACTION !!!

Today, Miss Zu wasn't teaching our class because she doesn't want we feel more stress to sit a test tonight. So, we have to do some activities that are acting!!! In a group of 6 members, we have to choose whatever funny scene in P.Ramlee movies. After several minute we already decided to take a scene from Pak Belalang Movie and discuses what characters each of us have to perform. This scene start when two thieves called Nyawa and Badan was using a magic to stealing king crowns and his property.  In a cave, place there were hiding, they was fighting about divided the property and their conversation are hearted by Pak Belalang that already came first at the cave. He saved the property and the crown by acting as a guard the cave and scares the two thievesThis is the funny dialog that we use when playing this scene. 

Nyawa : Lets we divide the property equally.
Badan  : Alright!
Nyawa : One for you, one for me. Two for you, two for me. Three for you, three for me. Erm, 
               how many last three numbers?
Badan  : Whatever.
Nyawa : Whatever for you, whatever for me. After whatever, what is the number?
Badan  : I don’t know.
Nyawa : I don’t know for you, I don’t know for me.
Badan  : In this world, where there are a  number of I don’t know. Give it the money to me.
Nyawa : Give it to me for you, give it to me for me.
Badan  : Don’t you understand what I’m saying?
Nyawa : Don’t you understand for you, don’t you understand for me.
Badan  : I think we should stop this or it wouldn’t be end.

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