Thursday, April 14



1)  Used to refer actions or events that will happen in the future .

I’m sure it will rain this afternoon.

2)  Used with will to make predictions or refer to events which we think are highly possible in the future.

Manchester United will beat all the other teams to win the FA Cup this year.

3)   Used with will  to refer to something which we decide to do at the time of speaking.

Don’t worry, I’ll worry be careful.

4) Used with going to for actions which we have already planned to do in the future and events which we think are possible in the future.

Asian share markets are going to perform better at the end of the year because of brighter prospects in the US economy. 


Forms of the predicate verb:

Example :

will have left by tomorrow
They will have been friends for a long time


©       Use to refer action or situation which will be completed by a definite time in the future.
§  Our train will have reached Bangkok by midday tomorrow.

©       Use already and just to refer to action or situations which will be finished by an approximate time in the future.
§  By march next year, we will have already received the loan for our new house.


·I will have stopped.
·You will have stopped.
·We will have stopped.
·They will have stopped.
·He will have stopped.
·She will have stopped.
·It will have stopped.
·I will not have stopped.
·You will not have stopped.
·We will not have stopped.
·They will not have stopped.
·He will not have stopped.
·She will not have stopped.
·It will not have stopped.
·Will I have stopped?
·Will you have stopped?
·Will we have stopped?
·Will they have stopped?
·Will he have stopped?
·Will she have stopped?
·Will it have stopped?

Thursday, April 7

Simple Present Tense

auxiliary verb
main verb



There are three important exceptions:
1.    For positive sentences, we do not normally use the auxiliary.
2.   For the 3rd person singular (he, she, it), we add s to the main verb or es to the auxiliary.
3.    For the verb to be, we do not use an auxiliary, even for questions and negatives.

auxiliary verb

main verb

I, you, we, they

He, she, it

I, you, we, they
He, she, it
I, you, we, they

he, she, it


We use the simple present tense when:
  • the action is general
  • the action happens all the time, or habitually, in the past, present and future
  • the action is not only happening now
  • the statement is always true

Monday, April 4


  We are have been given a task to writing a personal example essay and present it today in a class. The topic that we choose for this essay are factor of a women being a prostitute. I feel a little bit worry to present it if my group do a mistake that will make Miss Zu angry. So, I should think positive that make a mistake is one of the best ways to improve myself for be the best. After we did a presentation, Miss Zu give a comment we did a good job because do everything like she want. Same with other group, they also do a great job and we give a thunderous clapping for ourself. This is the essay from our group.

BEL 260

Personal example:
Almost every night, she would go “clubbing“at the nightspots in Jalan Bukit Bintang and Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur's golden triangle, looking for fun and "extra cash". With her black skin-tight miniskirts with a revealing top, she easily draws attention from the males as soon as she walks into any of these nightspots. The 21 years-old girl, Amy comes from a state in the east coast of West Malaysia. She started as a sales promoter at a shopping centre in the city, but her monthly salary of RM800 is hardly enough for her to survive in KL. To make matters worse, she has to send home approximately RM200 a month for her parents and 5 siblings who are still schooling. It is hard for her since the burden of the family is at her hand. Her family is depending on her. Amy now lives in a dark situation where she is happy outside not in inside. There are factors that can cause someone to become a prostitute such as lack of attention from the parents, money problem and negative peers influence.

One of the factors that someone becomes a prostitute is deficient of concern from their parent. Today, teenagers spend more time with friends because parents only conscious to their career to increase family income. When this happen, child will feel neglected and at the same time feel free to do anything’s with their friends without being control by anyone. For example, prostitute is a serious problem, if their daughter being a prostitute it can be harmful for them which is will get diseases like AIDS, HIV and cervical cancer. It also shame for the whole family. So, parent should change their attitude and know what their children daily activities to prevent this problem from getting worse.

Money problem is another reason for a person to become a prostitute. Nowadays, money has turn person into someone’s that we cannot imagine. As we know money is one of the basic needs in daily life, therefore one will do anything in order to get money, either in the easy way or harder way. In this situation, a prostitute is being persuaded by the money problem from their family, lifestyle or even social environment.  Being a prostitute is one of the easier ways to get more money in short time and it will solve the money problem. Prostitution is mostly done by  women from poor family , they become prostitute as their family is depending on them.  Thus, money problem make women become prostitute.

Another factor that makes women especially teenagers become a prostitute is by negative peer influence. Nowadays, many teenagers have more trust on their friends rather than their family. Teenagers spend their time almost every day with their friends. They think friends are someone who closest to them. In addition, things will become worst if they chosen the wrong person to be their friends. For example, if you be friends with someone who have social problem such as always go for clubbing, smoking, drinking and do open sex, you may end up being like them. Therefore, teenagers should be careful when they want to choose their friends so that they can avoid being prostitutes or get involve into other bad problems.

In conclusion, there are several factors that make someone became prostitutes which are the money problem, lack of attention from parents and negative peers influence. In order to prevent an increasing number of teenagers becoming a prostitute, the committee should play their role and keep their eyes on the teenagers especially girls .Government should make campaign to prevent  the teenagers become prostitute and restrict the law of it.