Thursday, January 20

My BFF :: 20 JAN 2011

Time to introduce my friend at you all!! 
I have 3 BFF at UiTM Segamat but I just want say about one of them . 
Her name is Nur Hazirah Bt Ridzuan a.k,a Haha...That her nick name,cute right??? She was born on 9 Sept 1992 and live at Serdang,Selangor.. Ok, I know her since orientation week and I never thought we will be friend until now.. I feel very grateful has a friend like her because she was a kind person and I love to hangout with her.. I has to describe her as something and I choose a ESPN Channel.. Want to know why??? Because she love sport so much!!! Just say what kind of sport, all about it she know.. Unlike me,I don't really like sport but the difference between us is not a reason for us to become a good friend... I hope we will still be a friend forever..


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