Tuesday, March 29


Today I was learned about how to change the sentence into active or passive. As usual Miss Zu will do activity in class to make it more interesting, we were playing voice race game which is we have to solve the sentence by change it into passive or active voice. The first group who complete all the exercise will be the winner but both group are finished at the same time. After that, Miss Zu was checked our answers and the other group get one mark more than my group. At the same time, she explain the mistake that we did and how to make it correct. For me, active voice is more easier than the passive voice because we always use active voice in our daily life. A passive voice, we have to put the subject at in front of the sentence and it is usually use by the reporter to write their news.

These are some example:

Active - The teacher gave an assignment.
Passive - An assignment was given by the teacher

Active - The storm destroyed all the home
Passive - All the homes were destroyed by the storm

Active - The dog was given bath and the cat was rescued from the tree
Passive - Someone gave the dog bath and rescued cat from the tree
* note : If there not has subject, use someone as a subject

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