Thursday, February 24


We have been given the task by Miss Zu to make a poem about a friend using their names. Each letter must represent the adjectives that describe that person and their characteristics. For me this is something interesting for us to express the poetry by not use a direct word, or in other words, has a hidden meaning. Some people do not like poetry because the words used are very difficult to understand, only the author and only certain people will understand. Youth today, especially us as a students would rather be thought other thing rather than the the subject literature but not all students dislike it. This is a poem that I make after reviewing all the suitable adjective.

               M ~ Mature the way she behaving
                  A ~ Attractive like cute stuff
                      I ~ Independent person
                        Z ~ Zealous when do what she like
                          A ~ Active such as tiger
                            T ~ Thrifty when buying thing
                              U~ Unique personality
                                L ~ Little but not easy to bullying

                        K ~ Kind to everyone she know
                           I ~ Interest in red thing
                             F ~ Fearless about nothing
                               T ~ Tidy person I ever seen
                                  I ~ Intelligent 
                                   A ~ Addict to Manchester United team 

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