Tuesday, February 22


A fact is :

  • objective information that can be checked or proved to be true
  • information that does not change
  • not a statement about the future
Clues to identify :
  • the use of dates and year
  • the use of definitions
  • when stating a geographical or scientific fact
  • the use of statistics / figure / precise numbers or quantities

An Opinion :
  • is a statement taht cannot be proved to be true or false
  • is one's personal belief, idea, or feeling about a subject
  • can be a statement about the future
Clues to identify opinions :
  • the use of adjectives which show your point of view or emotions
  • the use of comparison words which is comparison between two or more things
  • the use of other words which about frequency, possibility, advisability and necessity
  • the use of phrases which show a belief, a suggestion, a feeling, or an opinion

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