Wednesday, January 26


Skimming refers to the process of quickly identifying the main ideas within a passage to get overall impression of its content. People often skim when they have lots of materials to read in a limited amount of time. Especially for students when they sit for exam, they have to arrange time for complete the answer on time.

Tips for better skimming
©       When skimming for information, you glance at or read a document or report quickly, nothing only the main point
©       Some people read the first and last paragraphs using headings, summaries and other organizer as they move down the page or screen
©       Read the headings, sub-headings and illustration
©       When you are seeking a specific information, consider reading the first sentence of each paragraph rather than reading for comprehension
©       Skimming works well for finding dates as well as names of people and places. It is also useful for reviewing graphs, tables and chart
©       Take note of any italicized or boldfaced words or phrases 

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